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Understand the Benefits

Understand the Benefits of Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is an excellent practice in conventional Chinese medicine. This massage is an important treatment modality along with herbal medicine, dietary regulation, therapeutic exercise, and moxibustion/acupuncture. As per ancient Chinese medicine practitioners, energy in human body flows consistently to prevent diseases and relieve stress.

This massage therapy is called Tui Na used to create a balance of qi (a specific term for energy). Practitioners of this massage use their hands and fingers to press particular points of your body, just like acupuncture. They use kneading and gliding motions for promotion of qi and blood flow to alleviate and heal the pain.

Techniques in Chinese Massage
Tui na involves pushing, kneading and stretching the muscles. The practitioners use particular methods, such as joint manipulation, pinching, friction, vibration and compression intentionally. They have to decide the best technique based on the needs of clients.

Benefits of Traditional Massage
A traditional therapy session may last between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. It can target injured and sore muscles. Unlike other massage therapies, Chinese massage can promote overall relaxation. It focuses on easing pain in different areas of your body.
Massage can decrease stress and allow you to manage anxiety. Regular sessions of massage are suitable to soothe digestive disorders, stress-related insomnia and headaches.

Good for Healing
Chinese massage can be an excellent choice to heal injuries. With this practice, you can enjoy pain-relieving effects for particular conditions. Feel free to combine it with stability exercises to treat lower back pain. It is an excellent practice to alleviate joint stiffness in patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

Tui na is useful to improve gait speed, the width of step and lessen knee pain. Use massage therapy along with physical therapy to speed up the recovery process. It can decrease inflammation after an injury. A patient may get the advantage of better performance and recovery speed.

Increases Circulation
By pulling and pushing, you can inform your body to circulate more blood to particular areas. It can decrease your blood pressure and improve blood circulation. A trained practitioner uses different orders and intensities for this massage.

Preparations for Chinese Massage
Chinese massage requires you to lie down on your side on one couch or sit on a stool or a chair. A patient must wear thin cotton clothing, especially in a clinic or public hospital. Sometimes, practitioners work on the skin of the patient. By touching the skin directly, it is possible to improve the communication of patients and qi. A therapist may apply the herbal tonic on your skin.

This massage is becoming famous in the western world for its physical and mental benefits. It can renew strength, vigor and energy. Moreover, this massage proves right to soothe sciatica and lower back pain.

After every session, you can enjoy increased immunity, better sleep, healthy organ function, improved circulation and respiration. It will be good practice for surgical recovery and accelerated injury. Your practitioner can use vibrating and hammering treatment or walk on the back of patients.


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