Recruitment and Selection Policy

Recruitment and Selection Policy

We aim to provide equal opportunities in employment, and our recruitment and selection procedures reflect that. We correctly train our HR staff or other such members of staff who have recruitment and selection responsibilities, to ensure that they avoid unlawful discrimination, both of the conscious and the unconscious varieties.

Our policy is to hire, promote, and advance employees solely on the basis of merit. All decisions related to hiring, recruitment, promotion or advancement will be made on this basis.

From time to time, all job descriptions, if utilized, shall be reviewed and revised to make sure that they comply with our policy of equal opportunity.

When we place advertisements for job vacancies, we will take these issues into account, and they will be non-discriminatory in nature.

We are committed to providing fair treatment to each and every job applicant, and considering them only on the basis of their ability to carry out the essential functions of the job. All job interview questions must be of a nondiscriminatory nature, and only concern job requirements.

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