Lone Working Policy

Lone Working Policy

Anmol Management Facility Services Ltd is committed to ensuring that all its employees have a safe working environment. We support and encourage each of our employees to attempt to improve and maintain workplace Health and Safety.

A risk assessment of the work site will be carried out and completed before a security officer is assigned to work alone during the daytime (at an empty site) or overnight (at any site). The emphasis in such an assessment is to take all measures to protect our personnel. All site risk assessments shall be reviewed whenever site conditions are known to have changed, and, in any event, at least on an annual basis.

A security officer assigned to work alone shall be supplied with a mobile phone by the company and is required to use it every hour to make a check call to Anmol Management Facility Services Ltd 24 hour Communication Centre. If a call is not received, a Customer Service Manager or a Supervisor will be sent to the work site to investigate whether the security officer is experiencing difficulties, and, if so, to assist the officer. If these persons are not available or have been sent to the site and have not called back to the control Centre, local law enforcement shall be notified and asked to investigate.

A complete list of instructions for the assignment shall be kept at the work site. Those instructions will include a description of any Safety or Health issues present and pinpoint high risk areas at the site. They will also spell out the Client’s and Company’s customary procedures to be followed.

Emergency phone numbers for the client’s personnel (who hold keys for the site) shall be given to security officers, and also numbers for local emergency services and responders. Security officers must be fully familiar with the assignment instructions and be able to comply with them during their on-duty hours. Such instructions shall be reviewed and, if needed, amended when the Client requires, when site conditions change or, at a minimum, on an annual basis.

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